GCTU And Anhalt University Commence Newly Accredited Programmes

The general sentiment at the meeting was for the programmes to commence immediately while they worked at beefing up the student numbers

In a meeting held recently at Alisa Hotel, Accra, the Coordinator of Anhalt University’s International Programmes, Christine, along with the esteemed presence of GCTU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, convened with a select group of newly admitted students.

The purpose? To engage in a dialogue around the newly accredited collaborative programmes between Anhalt University and GCTU. It was also to foster a sense of friendship among the newly admitted students and allow them to bond in preparation for the collaborative programmes.

With six eager students in attendance, the discourse centred on the imminent launch of the newly accredited programmes – Online Communication and Logistics and Air Transport Management. Christine enthusiastically expressed gratitude towards Prof. Afoakwa and his team for their unwavering dedication in reigniting these programmes after a hiatus of nearly two years. “It’s just that I don’t know. Due to different issues, we had to stop it due to low numbers. But I’m very happy, and also in the name of Anhalt to thank you Prof. Afoakwa and the rest of the team for putting all this energy together to make it happen again so that we can continue and we can start,” she affirmed.

Christine in conversation with some of the students

In response, Prof. Afoakwa reciprocated the sentiment, emphasizing the significance of the global programme in shaping future leaders. “It is not just a Masters programme but it’s a global programme and it will expose them to a lot of things,” he articulated passionately. He further highlighted the arduous journey towards accreditation and the joy in finally securing it, enabling the commencement of these groundbreaking programmes.

“So it’s a very exciting moment for me that finally, we’ve been able to get some numbers to at least start this year,” he remarked with pride.

Christine unveiled plans for an International Management Workshop in Amsterdam, an initiative aimed at fostering international collaboration and networking amongst students across different geographical locations. “So the students are of course invited to come to Amsterdam for an international management Workshop with the other online students,” Christine disclosed.

With promises of support and encouragement, both Christine and Prof. Afoakwa set the stage for a journey of academic excellence, growth, and global exposure. As Prof. proposed the toast for the anticipated start of the programmes, it was evident that the collaboration between GCTU and Anhalt University was not merely about education but about grooming global leaders.

A group picture of all attendants after the meeting

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Tuesday April 9, 2024