GCTU President’s Scholarship Policy – Guidelines

All scholarship awards are subject to the following conditions. Your acceptance of a scholarship indicates that you have read and understand the following:

Purpose of the Scholarship Policy

The purpose of the Ghana Communication Technology University Scholarship Awards Policy is to provide consistent guidelines to the University community for the awarding of the scholarships. Through the effective application of these guidelines, the numbers of students receiving University-wide awards will be increased.

Scholarship funds awarded through this scheme will be limited to the costs of tuition, University fees (excluding Orientation Fee) and in selected cases, books.

Students who reside on campus and are awarded a scholarship through the Scholarship Office Secretariat to include room cost will receive funding to cover the actual on-campus room costs unless the letter of award indicates differently. Students who reside off campus will only be awarded scholarships to cover their tuition fees, University fees and the cost of books.

Scholarship Committee

The President will nominate members of staff and appoint them to the Scholarship committee. The main functions of the committee will be as follows

  1. Review of all applications for the scholarship scheme,
  2. Recommend to the President of the University, of the most qualified students to be selected for the award of the scholarship.
  3. Ensure that the selection of applicants are done in an ethical manner stressing merit and need basis,
  4. Review of the performance of the successful applicants.
  5. Review and cancellation of scholarships awarded to students.

Rules and Regulations Governing the Issuance of Scholarships.

  1. The scholarship office reserves the right to review or cancel awards due to changes in financial standing, academic or program status.
  2. All scholarship students must be in good standing with the office of judicial and ethical programs, such as the disciplinary committees etc.
  3. All awards are tentative subject to legislative or statutory appropriation, final verification of academic records and acceptance to GCTU.
  4. Full-time enrollment in a regular diploma, top up, degree and post graduate program is required
    1. For Undergraduate students, scholarship applicant must enter the institution with a grade of at most;
      • An Aggregate of 9 – for SSCE candidates applying for degree programmes,
      • An Aggregate of 10 – for WASSCE candidates applying for degree programmes,
      • An Aggregate of 12 – for students wishing to enroll in Diploma programmes,
      • A Distinction for Diploma students wishing to be enrolled for top-up degree programmes.
    2. For Continuing Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, the requirement is that the student should have had a First Class Cumulative or a Weighted Average (CWA) of 70.00 and over in their undergraduate course, to be considered for a scholarship. Candidate should be seen to have had an “A” in their thesis in the Undergraduate programmes.
  5.  Completion of all assigned and registered credit hours in the chosen programme is essential if the renewal or re-application of the scholarship is to be sought
  6. Scholarship recipients must maintain the required cumulative weighted average (CWA). Grades are subject to review on a semester by semester basis. For undergraduate programmes, any scholarship recipient who earns a CWA of less than 70.00 means that the candidate forfeits the scholarship. For University of Coventry programmes, students whose grades fall below an “A” – that is CWA of 70.00 to 74.00 automatically forfeits the scholarship scheme.
  7. Appeal of scholarship termination might be permitted in certain cases. These cases include those for whom the drop in grade points might have been caused by certain extenuating circumstances for instance the occurrence of an illness which prevented the student in question to take an exam. In all such cases, documentation and the appropriate certification will be sought. The scholarship committee reserves a discretionary right in all such cases.
  8. Students receiving scholarship awards who withdraw from the university must notify the scholarship secretariat or office.

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