Directorate of University Relations


The Directorate of University Relations shall be responsible for building and maintaining the University’s corporate image and relationship with its publics,
managing events and communicating with the University’s stakeholders.

Responsible for cultivating, coordinating and maintaining the University’s relations with its publics, including the media.

Coordinating and overseeing the organisation of all major or special events and ceremonies including matriculation, congregation, investiture, public lectures and inaugural, inter-faculty and valedictory lectures;


Receiving guests and visitors of the University and providing the necessary courtesies and protocols;

  • (c) regulating and controlling the putting up of notices, posters, and banners;
  • (d) marketing, branding and communications;
  • (e) the maintenance of relations with the Alumni of the University;
  • (f) dissemination of information to internal and external stakeholders;
  • (g) the production of university publications; and,
  • (h) the discharge of any other assignments that the Registrar shall deem necessary



Second Floor, School of Graduate Studies and Research, GCTU
Email: ur@gctu.edu.gh