Examination and Records Unit

The Examinations and Records Department is responsible for the organization of undergraduate examinations of Ghana Communication Technology University. Outline of the unit’s core functions are;

1. Organization of taught graduate examination and undergraduate examinations.

2. Coordination of graduation process.

3. Maintaining academic records of students.

4. Providing other administrative support such as lecture room allocation and preparation of academic calendar.

To be a leading support department in the University, providing excellent administrative functions in examination and students’ records through a process-driven approach to meet the needs of the University Community.

To deliver quality service to the university community through the application of standard examination procedures and maintaining a technologically-driven students’ records system.

Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Efficiency and Aptness


Organization of Examinations
The organization of examination is an important function of the Examinations and Records Department. The department is responsible for the coordination of all processes in the examination chain. Some of the processes in the examination chain are; preparation of examination schedule, allocation of examination venues, printing and administration of test items invigilation and script check. The department is also responsible for processing students’ results and preparation of academic transcripts. Examination standards are maintained at GCTU and the Examinations and Records Department ensures that all rules are adhered to. The department ensures that Candidates who flout examination rules appear before the Student Disciplinary Committee.

Coordination of graduation process

The Department is responsible for coordinating the graduation process of Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes in the University. This process is carried out in collaboration with the Faculties and the International and University Relations Office.

Records Management
Management of students’ records is an integral part of the delivery of quality education in GCTU. This process is managed by the Registry of GCTU. Students’ records in the university include the following;

1. Examination Scripts

2. Records of students’ scores and averages

3. Records of student transcripts.

Management of students’ records is vital to continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning in the university. As students’ are continuously assessed, details of their performance are stored for future reference and correspondence.

GCTU has migrated to the use of online modern records system which collates students’ grades and automatically generates students’ semester averages and cumulative weighted averages. When the Academic Board declares results of students, the records department of the Registry feed the results of students into the school portal which are then sent to the students via online for viewing.

The advantage of this system which is not common in most Ghanaian Universities is that students after perusing their results are able to contact their lecturers to provide them with further details on their academic performance and offer advice if needed. It also provides local and foreign students their detailed results which could be accessed at any location.

In addition to the online records system, there is the filling system which serves as an additional reference source for management and other offices which use students’ data. Students’ records are filed to ensure that documents are retrieved at any time when they are needed. Students’ transcripts are prepared on request by students and these are often sent to other educational institution and donor agencies for financial support.

The Records Department ensures that all transcript requests are responded to within twenty-four hours after application and this has been successful due to the different sources of data kept and managed by the Registry.

At GCTU, the security of examinations is very important to management and staff. The records department has an archive where all examination scripts and other important related documents are safely kept. The increasing number of students has made it necessary for management to construct a modern archive for the department, and this is expected to commence soon.

Records of students help the university in the award of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees. It also provides Management with information that is needed for policy decisions and quality assurance.

The Ministry of Education also feeds on the same information for broad national policy guidelines and improvement in teaching and learning in the universities. Students who are not pleased with their academic achievement in any semester have the right to appeal and there are procedures that govern all such appeals and details of this have been provided in the examination policies and procedures of the University.

Providing administrative support to other faculties
In addition to its core functions, the department also assists the various faculties by providing administrative support in the following areas; coordinating the moderation of test items for end-of- semester examinations, lecture room allocation and preparation of academic calendar

Office Hours
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm
  • Office Location: Ground Floor of the B Block at the Tesano campus of the University College