Directorate of Works and Physical Development


The Directorate of Works and Physical Development shall be responsible for providing and maintaining the physical infrastructure, including, buildings, plant, machinery, utilities, roads, byways, grounds and gardens of the University
The Directorate of Works and Physical Development is responsible for the overall development and maintenance of the physical and infrastructural works of the University in an efficient and effective manner.
Procurement of designs and drawings, works and consultancy services relating to the provision of technical advice on construction in compliance with national law and these Statutes
Management of construction contracts with a view to ensuring compliance and due delivery of projects
Exercising oversight responsibility over the operations of the Maintenance Unit;
Acquisition and allocation of housing for employees of the University
The management and control of land use and the maintenance of records on all land transactions entered into by and on behalf of the University;
The management and maintenance of the buildings, roads, drains, parks and gardens of the University and their designs and drawings
The provision of fumigation and other pest control services; and the discharge of any other assignments that the Vice-Chancellor shall deem necessary