Directorate of General Administration and Operations


The Directorate of General Administration and Operations is responsible for coordinating municipal and management services of the University.
Assist the Registrar in managing time and space for meetings of University Boards and Committees by developing annual schedule of meetings;
Keep leadership archives of the University; assist the Registrar in monitoring the term of Committee members and initiating the constitution/reconstitution of membership of University Boards/Committees in due course;
Ensure that appropriate logistics are made available to Management and Staff and ensure the efficient use of the University’s physical infrastructure and utility.
Investigate availability and suitability of options for new premises or land for expansion purposes;
Ensure environmental cleanliness and good sanitary conditions on all campuses through routine inspection and reporting;
Ensure that agreed work by Staff or Contractors have been completed satisfactorily and on time and follow up on any deficiencies thereafter, for timely corrective measures to be implemented
Superintend over the Transport Unit and ensure effective management of the University’s fleet of vehicles
Superintend over the Security Unit and ensure the provision of quality security services;
Establish early warning systems that identify and provide warning about safety and security of buildings, sites, locations, events and activities
Respond in a timely manner to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise; direct, plan and implement essential central services such as security, estate,cleaning, catering, waste disposal and recycling;
Ensure that buildings meet health and safety requirements;
Keep an up-to-date inventory of all buildings, equipment, vehicles and other valuable properties with their respective service, maintenance and insurance renewals schedules;