GCTU Business Students Association Week Celebration Launched

Dr. Asomaning, supported by GCTU BSA executives in cutting the cake to launch the week-long celebration.

The Head of Research and Innovation at the Jospong Group of Companies, Dr. Abena Asomaning, has said that innovation goes beyond just creating new technologies or products but it is about being proactive, forward-thinking and anticipating the future needs of the market.

Dr. Asomaning made this remark at the GCTU Business Students Association (BSA) week celebration launch, held on July 1, 2024, on the theme, “Promoting Innovation and Collaboration within our Academic Community” at the Business School Campus, Abeka.


Dr. Abena Asomaning, Head of Research & Innovation at Jospong Group of Companies, said she aligns with the idea of bringing industry professionals to enlighten students.

Delivering her keynote address Dr. Asomaning praised the BSA executives highly for the invitation. She expressed her strong agreement with the idea of bringing industry professionals to enlighten students. According to her, it is essential for academia to bridge the ever-widening gap between classroom learning and the real-world application of learning.

This is done by partnering with industry experts to share their practical experiences, offer valuable advice and deeper understanding of their fields to students through internships or mentorship.

Dr. Asomaning emphasized that students should take calculated risks, embrace challenges and step out of their comfort zone. “By taking risks, you can develop a growth mindset, learn valuable lessons and gain experiences that will prepare you for success in academics, career and life,” she said.


Mr. Richard Asare, Marketing and Brand Manager at Reflow Company, sharing his perspectives with students.

The Marketing and Brand Manager of Reflow Company, Mr. Richard Asare, in his contribution to a panel discussion, elaborated the need for students to prioritize personal grooming and build a positive self-image. He encouraged the students to take up internship roles while in school to add value to themselves by making themselves more prepared, confident and attractive to potential employers.

Giving his remarks earlier at the launch, the Faculty Officer of the Business School, Mr. Kwaku Asamoah underscored the need for students to showcase their skills, talents and achievements through projects, case studies or portfolios to the University community. “You made the right choice by choosing GCTU and it means that you have a lot to offer,” he said. Mr. Asamoah stressed that students should embrace opportunities with enthusiasm and develop strong foundations for their future careers and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

A section of the Business Students at the launch.

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Friday July 5, 2024