Empowerment And Leadership Summit Held

A participant asking a question at the event.

GCTU Emerging Leaders’ Chapter in partnership with the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs has hosted an empowerment and leadership summit on Wednesday, 12th June 2024 at the Florence Onny Auditorium.

Dr. Myles Christian Hagan, delivering his presentation at the event.

The Head of E-Banking Operations at Universal Merchant Bank, Dr. Myles Christian Hagan gave a presentation on “Leadership.” He defined a leader as someone who can see how things can be improved and rallies people to move toward that better vision or communicates the vision effectively and motivates others to buy into the vision. “Effective Leaders have the desire to learn, consistently adapt to the ever-changing market, communicate effectively and have a passion that motivates others to be the best,” he said. He indicated that Leadership is guiding people using one’s influence.

Dr. Hagan highlighted eight traits of an authentic leader, namely, Honesty, self-awareness, genuineness, consistency, purpose-driven, emotional intelligence, humility and ethics. He discussed ten Leadership principles, namely; Jesus is the head, trust, taking initiative –(Nehemiah’s principles), looking for a need, coming up with a solution, good judgement, speaking with authority, (know your stuff and be well prepared), encouragement, (commending the team or member), know what your absolutes are (integrity and truthfulness) and serve as an example (Jesus Christ left us the example of servant leadership).

Section of participants at the event.

According to Dr. Hagan, in aspiring to become an effective leader, you must start with a blueprint in your mind, work hard and work smart, align your efforts with your company’s goals, initiate more, don’t just execute and become an expert at something.

“As a leader, always run the race of life with faith and you will always lead and be victorious in all situations. Dream big, if you focus on goals, you will overcome obstacles. Goals are unachievable if the focus is on obstacles.
There is no substitute for hard work, aim at being the best not just in your country Ghana, but in the World,” he said.

Ms. Operah Anakwa, sharing how her life had been transformed after joining the FGBMI.

Earlier, Mr. Benjamin Ahenakwa, Secretary of the FGBMI Tesano Chapter, stressed that the youth are the emerging leaders of this country and therefore there, is a need to empower their career development.

He elaborated, that FGBM is a fellowship that aids its members to build their spiritual lives and also identify their God-given purpose in life. “We believe that God has given everyone a special gift and it is up to the person to identify its potential and work towards it through the power of the Holy Spirit to help humanity,” he indicated.

Mr. Ahenakwa said FGBM builds platforms of networking, collaboration and ideas-sharing among leaders from diverse backgrounds. He added that they foster a sense of purpose, passion and responsibility among leaders to drive social impacts.

Mr. Cobby Heino Danso and Ms. Perah Anakwa, members of FGBMI shared their life-changing experiences. They noted that their lives had been transformed after joining the FGBMI.

Group photograph of dignitaries and participants after the event.

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Friday June 14, 2024