Florence Onny Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU) has instituted a memorial scholarship to honour the memory of the late Mrs. Florence Mamaa Nkrumah Onny, who demonstrated singular dedication and commitment to the University in her capacity as the Head of University and International Relations until her untimely death on July 5th, 2012.



The Florence Nkrumah Onny Scholarship Fund will provide partial or full financial support to continuing GTUC students with financial need who are pursuing diploma, undergraduate, and post-graduate studies. The support covers tuition, accommodation, and other academic expenses.

The duration / term of the scholarship is for one academic year and will not be renewed automatically.

Scholarships will be limited to the costs of tuition, University fees and, in selected cases, books.





The Florence Onny Scholarship Secretariat (FOSS) has been constituted within the President’s Secretariat. The FOSS will:

  1. Review all applications submitted to the Scholarship Fund,
  2. Recommend to the President of the University, the most qualified students to be selected for the award of the scholarship.
  3. Ensure that the most academically bright and best students having financial challenges are selected.
  4. Recommend qualified candidates to the President’s Scholarship Committee (PSC) for final selection and award; and,
  5. Review the performance of the successful applicants.

In selecting academically gifted but financially challenged students for the award, the FSC will take into consideration students who possess the three foremost qualities of Mrs. Onny:

  • striving to achieve excellence in all areas;
  • an entrepreneurial and creative approach to problem-solving; and,
  • Professionalism, patriotism and voluntarism.



  1. All scholarship applicants must be in good standing with no adverse disciplinary action against them.
  2. All awards are tentative subject to final verification of academic records.
  3. Full-time enrollment in a regular Diploma, Top Up, Degree and Post Graduate programme is required.
  4. Completion of all assigned and registered credit hours in the chosen programme is essential if the renewal or re-application of the scholarship is to be sought.
  5. Scholarship recipients must maintain the required cumulative weighted average (CWA). Grades are subject to review on a semester by semester basis. For under graduate programmes, any scholarship recipient who earns a CWA of less than 70.00 will automatically forfeit the scholarship.


For graduate programmes students whose grades fall below an “A” – that is 70.00 to 74.00 will automatically forfeit the scholarship scheme.

  1. Appeal of scholarship termination to the Scholarship Secretariat might be permitted in certain cases. These cases include those for whom the drop in grade points might have been caused by certain extenuating circumstances for instance the occurrence of an illness which prevented the student in question to take an exam. In all such cases, documentation and the appropriate certification will be sought. The PSC reserves a discretionary right in all such cases.
  2. Students receiving scholarship awards who withdraw from the university must notify the PSC.
  3. All awards are subject to the provisions of the university scholarship policy which mandates that students may receive only one university sponsored academic scholarship each year.



Applicants should submit their request through the Head of Student Affairs with the following items:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Three (3) letters of recommendations from lecturers or individuals with significant knowledge of applicant’s academic background, experience and involvement in community service.
  3. An official academic transcript.


Applications will be opened from June 1 to July 31 Annually.

Applications received after the above dates will not be considered.

Please submit your completed application Directly to the Office Of the President.

The address of the Fund is:

Florence Onny Memorial Fund

Office of The President

Ghana Communication Technology University

Private Mail Bag 100

Tesano-Accra, Ghana

Email: florenceonnyscholarshipfund@gctu.edu.gh


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