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DURATION: 4 MONTHS                                                     

Course Overview

The Oil & Gas Industry is developing at a fast pace in today’s market economy, as a result new professional development priorities are being set. This has placed a high demand on qualified professionals in both onshore and offshore operations. Professionals in this sector need local knowledge and expertise as well as understanding and appreciation of the global nature of the oil and gas business.

The training aims at equipping participants with the requisite skill and knowledge to work effectively and efficiently in the industry. The training will cover upstream operations, such as exploration production and downstream processes such as refining, transportation and marketing.


  • To equip participants with valued knowledge in refining of oil and natural gas processing
  • To offer services and supplies to the industry through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial Development in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • To provide participants with knowledge and skills that will be necessary for the procurement of jobs at refineries and gas processing plants.

Broad Topical Areas

  • Basics of the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Natural Gas Processing Operations
  • Refinery Operations

Target Audience

Energy Industry Professionals such as Economists, Refinery Workers, Policy Analysts, Engineers, Safety, Health and Environment Specialists, Lawyers, Accountants, Technologists, Entrepreneurs and Technicians