Current Happening at GCTU

GCTU receives 20 GNPC Scholarships

Vice-Chancellor, Prof.  Afoakwa receives scholarship letters on behalf of awardees

In yet another demonstration of GCTU’s commitment to the promotion of a student-centered environment and learning experience, 20 students of the University became the recipients of full scholarships from the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC). The scholarships, which will cover tuition and hostel fees for the awardees throughout the remainder of their time at GCTU, were personally negotiated for by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, affirming his own passion for the development of an enabling academic environment for our students.


The award ceremony, which took place on Tuesday, 21st December 2021, was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor, and was attended by the Interim Registrar, Mr. Nii Adotei Abrahams, the Acting Director of University Relations, Dr. Nusrat-Jahan Abubakar, the Acting Director of Internal Audit, Mr. Kennedy Oppong Fosu, and the Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Michael Nana Owusu-Akomeah, who himself was also instrumental in the acquisition of the scholarships. Also present at the event was a representative from GNPC, Mr. Benno Godogbe, an Assistant Officer in the Education and Training Unit


After presenting the Scholarship letters to the awardees, the Vice-Chancellor took some time to offer a few words of advice and encouragement to them. He emphasized the need for them to work hard and ensure that they endeavor to consistently maintain the required GPA in order for them to show that they merit the award. He alluded to the fact that they were being presented with an outstanding opportunity and that the onus was on them to make sure that they focus on making the most of it by striving to ultimately benefit the nation through the skills and training they would receive. He emphasized the importance of this, telling the awardees, “You should remember that you are informally bonded to the Government and it is important that you make sure you come out with good results so you can be productive citizens. You should also make an effort to stay in Ghana after you complete your studies so you can benefit the nation and pay back the investment being made in you”. The Vice-Chancellor cited his own example, detailing how he himself had benefitted from some local and foreign scholarships throughout his academic career and intimating his conviction to return to Ghana to serve the nation in spite of the lucrative employment offers he was presented with abroad.


Management of GCTU and  GNPC in a group photograph

Dr. Akomeah also spoke, thanking both Management and GNPC for their staunch efforts in making this initiative a reality. He specifically thanked the Vice-Chancellor for his keen interest in the academic development of the students, stating, “We sincerely appreciate the Vice-Chancellor for taking the time to be here personally and for playing such an active role in today’s award ceremony. We are also grateful for his instrumental role in personally negotiating for these scholarships”. He reiterated the Vice-Chancellor’s sentiments as he advised the students to demonstrate the spirit of patriotism by endeavoring to support the nation through their education and the skills acquired as a result. He concluded by congratulating the awardees, and also imploring GNPC to continue this excellent initiative by awarding GCTU with even more of such scholarships in the future.


Once again, we are exceedingly grateful to GNPC, Management and the Vice-Chancellor in particular for their continued dedication to the development of the student body. We are highly enthused about their recognition of the need to prioritize our most important stakeholders and invariably, we are confident that this is just a sign of things to come as the University continues to grow and progress along its continued pursuit of excellence.