Current Happening at GCTU



To be able deliver on its core mandate, the Technology Research and Innovation Centre (TRIC) in collaboration with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) and the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) under the Skills Development Fund (SDF) has organised yet another technology transfer training programme.

The three-day technology transfer training is a follow up to earlier workshops held in March this year and was organised to serve as a platform to sharpen the skills of teams to demonstrate how they could effectively transfer their technologies to the private sector for adoption and marketing.

Speaking at the opening event, Director at the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Dr Yahuza Gomda, said that the dynamics of innovations demand the nation move away from what he called “supply-driven to demand-driven research”.

He said successful economies are driven by computer technology, and so it is time academic research findings being wasted on shelves are brought to market players to identify those ideas that are needed and can be transformed into viable products for the market place.

Dr. Gomda suggested academic institutions set up technology transfer centres to facilitate the transfer of research works to the private sector for implementation.

In his address, Vice President, Ghana Technology University College, Dr. Robert Awuah Baffour, urged governments to pursue research at all levels and create knowledge within the frontiers of Ghana which are tools for rapid economic transformation.

“What we need to do as country is to see the need to create knowledge within the boundary of Ghana for people to see the value of education,” he added. It is expected that, the training will help participants to transform their ideas into products to further transform their projects and ideas into marketable products that will meet the demands of the market.