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Certificate In Digital Video Editing

Course Description

This subject will treat the basics of editing(shorts, movement and transitions. graphics and animation) and then move into review of the more complex and advanced techniques of digital video editing. Areas of editing such as masking, filtering , blue/green screening, track mattes, and image mattes will be examined Students will produce a movie project in this class and discuss practical ways to distribute to various audiences.

Course Objectives

  • Shoot, capture, edit, and output short video projects, organizing footage and modifying it into a coherent sequence.
  • Apply techniques for establishing or breaking continuity in a video sequence.
  • Apply a variety of techniques for expanding or compressing the perception of time in a video sequence.
  • Apply basic techniques for mixing a soundtrack incorporating the human voice, ambient noise , sound effects and music.
  • Develop a basic proficiency with the tools and techniques available in standard digital video editing programs.

Career Prospects

Varied career opportunities arise for video editors and one can find job placement with film and TV production studios , web design companies, advertising and multimedia companies. they can work with independent production companies and motion picture studios. Majority of video editors are employed on freelance basis , working on short-term contracts for post-production studios, television companies and corporate employers.