Current Happening at GCTU


The Human Resource Department in collaboration with Petra Trust, a pension scheme management company has organized a sensitization seminar on the new Three-Tier Pension Scheme for GTUC staff.

The one day seminar was put together to educate staff and faculty on the new Three-Tier Pension Scheme and provide insight on options available to Individuals to enhance the benefits that could be derived from the Scheme.

Topics treated includes the new three-tier pension scheme, benefits of the scheme, competitive returns, convenient and easy contributions, Flexible withdrawals and easy tracking of savings. The need for considering additional savings options for pension was also discussed and options available included the Personal Pensions known as the Petra Solution’s (Savings Booster).

Speaking at the function, the Marketing Executive for Petra Trust, Mr. Sena Nyame said, it is about time Ghanaian worker take full control of their pensions and the idea of the Three-Tier Pension Scheme should be welcomed by all.

He said that, Petra Trust offers a better option by providing a complete solution that applies world class expertise to the management of pension schemes. “Led by investment practitioners with decades of experience in asset management and finance in the US and West Africa, we are well positioned to put smiles on your face when you retire”, he added.
In his closing remark, Head, HR for GTUC, Mr. Emmanuel Agyepong thanked the team from Petra Trust for coming to share information with staff and assured staff of Managements’ commitment to their welfare.