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  1. Designs and distributes specific internal communications that inform stakeholders and enhance behaviors and decision-making through accessible, reliable, and actionable information
  2. Develops and expresses external communications that reflect and position a world-class workplace in global higher education and attract premier educators and professionals
  3. Counsels and supports peer functional areas’ communications needs, both new and recurring, in terms of goal attainment, feasibility, timeline, messaging, and outcomes
  4. Considers and builds communications tools and web content that improve perception and performance and limit gaps and redundancies
  5. Conducts ongoing analyses of institutional communications in concert with University Relations


The Office of Human Resources educates and coaches employees, administrators, managers, and supervisors on a variety of workforce relations practices among a diverse population of the University community.

The Office of Human Resources serves the University community by promoting mutual respect, encouraging a positive work environment, and assisting in resolving workplace issues through proactive intervention. The Office of Human Resources provides information and support based on University policy and practice, and assists individuals when considering the best course of action for their specific situation.