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Department of Property & General Maintenance

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Department of Property & General Maintenance


Mrs. Susan Aryee
(Head, Property)

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Tesano Campus: Admin Block

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The mission of the property department is to identify opportunities available in managing the university’s facilities efficiently as well as minimising threats that the university will face when it comes to real estate management.

The vision of the department is to offer excellent management of buildings, provision of infrastructural facilities for the university, contributing towards optimal working environment. It is also our vision that all assets are put their highest and best use, protected from all encumbrances

Core Values
The Property Department’s core values are clarity to work, commitment to work and developing a sense of responsibility at work. In order to fulfil our mission there is the need to motivate, counsel and coach staff to improve their sense of responsibility and commitment.

  • Clarity of work
    Helping our staff majority of who are not literate understand what they need to know and to do it well is of priority to the unit. Clarity builds consent and regularity, providing direction for individual to understand how they can work smarter to improve GTUC
  • Commitment to work
    The department recognizes that staff of the unit needs to be happy and fulfilled in their job. Appreciating staff effort in person or by email goes along way to affect their work in GTUC
  • Sense of responsibility at work
    Each project plan that the department decides to do have to be accomplished successfully, therefore as much as possible artisans, cleaners making excuses should be discouraged. Negativity should be wiped out from their minds as much as possible, while helping staff think positively and assume the role of successful adults

Role of unit within the university

The key roles of the units are as follows:

  • Represent GTUC in all personal/landed property
  • Property/building maintenance
  • Create a conducive atmosphere for work.
  • Ensures all land documentation are done correctly and up to date
  • Handling all environmental issues related to property
  • Space planning and allocation of offices
  • Liaising with Internal auditors in verification of purchases
  • Oversight responsibility over all GTUC building projects
  • Act as Clerk of Works, acting as an intermediary between Contractors and Management

Key Pictures Depicting Activities of the Department


Site inspection with contractors, discussing the new security gate house under construction


Cleaning up and arrangement of chairs and tables by some staff of the department at the new study bay for students

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