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 About CPD

Established in January, 2010, the Centre for Professional Development is a central service unit with the mandate to promote professional development and quality teaching and learning within and outside the University. The Centre focuses its attention on the design, administration, teaching and management of all non degree/diploma programmes run by the University College. These consist of short duration certificate programmes, training workshops and seminars organized within and outside the University campus.

The principal function of the Centre is to promote and support individual and organizational learning by providing them with opportunities to acquire new and employable skills and capabilities, thus allowing them to stay relevant in the current knowledge-based global economy.

The CPD provides tutoring for numerous courses. It also sponsors seminars, workshops, and discussions for faculty and graduate teaching fellows on strategies for successful teaching and learning. Through these and other activities, the CPD plays an increasingly important role in enhancing the quality of academic life at the University.

With a mandate to engage in short-term professional development programmes, the CPD also aspires to a high standing and reputation at local, national and international levels, and to be a the leader in the innovative use of technology in the classroom.


The vision of the centre is to be the destination of choice for continuous education and professional development by providing customer driven, cost-effective, innovative and best practice service delivery.


Our mission is to provide cutting-edge training in Telecommunication, Information Technology, Business and Management to individuals and organisations using the most up to date technology and the best professionals in the field in the sub region.


Our strategy is to provide convenient and effective learning experiences to our clients in a professional manner. To this end, courses and programmes are arranged to suit the professional and corporate lifestyle of our staff, faculty, and external clients. Our course participants are given the opportunity to choose between daytime, evening and weekend schedules. We also take our programmes to individuals and organisation’s preferred venues. The availability of online resources ensures that learners have access to information whenever and wherever they may be. The Centre can also arrange for programmes in Ghana that involve overseas counterparts via video conferencing.


Our strength lies in our position as the leading Telecommunications and Information Technology University College in the sub-region as well our partnerships and relationships with high profile Universities and training bodies internally and externally. This ensures that we are able to assemble the best and most advanced faculty and infrastructure for our programmes and courses. Our history with the telecommunication industry gives us an edge in the delivery of courses and programmes in the telecommunication and IT sector.


The CPD partners with local and international organisations and individuals to run training programmes. Within the University, the CPD partners with the Research and Consultancy Unit, the IT Unit, the Telecom Engineering and Informatics Departments as well as the Business School. Our external partners include the African Advanced Level Telecommunication Institute (AFRALTI), The Canadian Institute of Learning (CIL), the Learning Nuggets, The Cape Peninsular University of Science and Technology, and the Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre etc.
Since its creation, the centre has worked with a host of institutions and has trained over 1300 participants from both the public and private sectors in Ghana and abroad on a wide range of subject areas. Our clients include International Organizations, ICT policy makers, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Regulators, Telecom Operators, Utility Companies And Media Organizations among others.


The Centre provides the following facilities for the use of course participants:

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Video Conferencing facilities
  • A wireless enabled campus
  • Electronic Library
  • Computer labs
  • Telecom Labs
  • Reprographic Centre
  • Canteen Services