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GTUC Signs MOU With Strategic & Agile

Shamim Nsubuga (Co founder and Lead Consultant) in a handshake with Prof. Emmanuel Afoakwa

On Thursday, 23rd January, 2020, GTUC took another progressive step in the enhancement of its unique brand by signing an MOU with Strategic & Agile, an HR Consulting and Recruitment company based in Ghana.

The agreement, which has been championed by the Office of Student Affairs, would see GTUC students benefit from exclusive job placement services, which would open them up to an array of employment and training opportunities.

Present at the meeting was a representative from Strategic & Agile in the person of Shamim Nsubuga (Co founder and Lead Consultant) and Maria Asmarianaki from TG Holdings, a company who are playing a major role in bringing this initiative to light.

In addition to this, the meeting was attended by GTUC Management, as well as representatives from Student Affairs, University Relations and the Student Representative Council.

Elaborating on the purpose of the meeting, Dr. Michael Nana Owusu-Akomeah, Acting Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, spoke about the optimism he had at the prospect of the agreement, and how he looked forward to venturing into other initiatives further afield, in particular with a view to exposing our students to training and employment opportunities abroad.

Representatives from Student Affairs, University Relations and SRC in a joint photograph with GTUC Management

The President of GTUC, Prof. Nana Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa pointed to the fact that  the University is constantly looking for such opportunities as there is a concerted effort to ensure that the quality of our students’ lives is continually enhanced not only from an academic perspective but also in terms of both personal and career development.

He reiterated the fact that GTUC’s ambition was to distinguish itself in a variety of ways, including through its student body and this was an opportunity that would certainly promote this particular agenda.

In turn the partners spoke of their excitement at partnering with GTUC and attested to the fact that, having had previous involvement with GTUC products, they had observed a commendable sense of initiative, eagerness to learn and knowledge, all of which had heightened their motivation to partner with the university.

The meeting concluded with the signing of the MOU, with both parties pledging their commitment to the growth and success of the partnership.

It is hoped that this latest agreement will serve as a stepping stone towards even greater things for GTUC and we look forward to the prospect of seeing our students benefit from the plethora of opportunities that lie in wait as a result of this exciting new partnership.