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GTUC Holds 12th Annual Breakfast Meeting

GTUC Staff in attendance

GTUC held its annual Breakfast meeting on the 17th of January, 2020 at the Great Hall, Main Campus, Tesano, Accra. The event formally welcomed University Staff in the New Year and gave the President the opportunity to outline his vision and goals for 2020.

The Breakfast meeting also doubled as an institutional awards ceremony where a host of individuals were honored for their hard work and diligence throughout 2019.

In his traditional address at the meeting, the President of the University, Prof. Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa thanked Staff and Faculty alike for their combined efforts in contributing to the University College’s mandate throughout 2019.

Specifically emphasizing his vision and goals for 2019, the President highlighted the imminent transformation of the University into a public institution.

In line with this, he informed the attendants that he would be meeting with Deans, Heads of Departments, Coordinators and Heads of Satellite Campuses to have them outline their strategic objectives that would contribute to the achievement of and smooth transition to public University status.

Prof. Afoakwa drew attention towards the University’s burgeoning international footprint, with specific relation to the host of new Transnational education partnerships that had been agreed during 2019, which saw the University establish itself in China (Jiangsu and Zhengzhou Universities), Belgium (Ghent University), France (University of Brest), and the United States (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), as well as a deepening of our presence in the United Kingdom with the Advance HE collaboration.

Among many others, the President also highlighted the various infrastructural developments that had been made, as well as shedding light on some planned initiatives in this regard.

He also focused on Managements intention to focus more intensely on the provision of enhanced staff welfare and increasingly fair wages going forward.

The President stated, “I am very happy to inform you that, management initiated the process of reviewing service conditions for all category of staff. Last year a committee was set to critically have a look at the current service conditions for staff and advise management with best options that will ensure that GTUC Staff and Senior Members are comfortable working with the University.”

In conclusion, Prof Afoakwa, encouraged staff to make the most of the resources that have and continue to be provided, imploring them to collectively contribute to the vision of greatness that he has for the University.

He reiterated the need to focus on the strategic objectives, specifically; attaining public status, strategic planning exercises, partnership negotiations, construction & refurbishment of offices, faculties and campuses, enhanced student experience, enhancing the GTUC Brand, becoming  an  enterprise university and staff development.