Current Happening at GCTU

International Journal Of Technology And Entrepreneurship Launched

GTUC played host to the launch of the International Journal for Technology and Entrepreneurship. The Journal, which was pioneered by the Office of Research and Innovations (ORSI), consists of contributions from faculty and staff of the University, capturing a range of topics central to the fields of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Education. The launch was held in the Florence Onny Auditorium and turned out a well patronized occasion, with staff , faculty, external guests and media attending in their numbers.

Originally invited as the Guest speaker for the event, The Minister for Communications, Hon. Ursula Ekuful Owusu, was unable to attend due to a last minute engagement. In her stead, her deputy, Hon. George Andah, graced us with his presence as he delivered an insightful, informative and inspiring Keynote address. In his address, the Deputy Minister emphasized the importance of Technology and Entrepreneurship in the pursuit and advancement of national development, reflecting on the success of many prominent entrepreneurs and referring to a need for a symbiotic relationship between the two fields.

The Deputy Minister also highlighted the importance of education, using a quote from Nelson Mandela, which reads, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Hon. George Andah also congratulated GTUC on what he called a “grand initiative”, commending the University College on the launching of this publication.
The event was crowned with a beautiful launching ceremony that was befitting of the prestige attached to the University’s groundbreaking initiative and it is hoped that this will certainly not be the last of its kind.