Software Systems Office


The Software Systems Office is an instrumental force to GCTU technology by developing cutting edge Software Applications that provide need based solutions to Students, Faculty, Administrative Staff and the Management of GCTU.

The office supports the University by

• Developing Software Systems and Web applications/ Portals like the GCTU SIP, AFRIDEMY and TERM
• Management of GCTU SIP by Uploading Student results and Student related data management.
• Development of GCTU Website as well as the management of the GCTU Website content.
• Providing user training and Support to staff and students whenever the need arises
• Development of Websites and Online portals


Development of need based Software systems in terms of online applications and Websites for GCTU management, faculty, students and administrators whilst providing continuous support and training for these university stakeholders


Our vision is to develop Software Systems and Online applications that meet high Computer System quality assurance and availability standards to meet the needs of GCTU stakeholders.