Office of the Vice President


Welcome to the Office of the Vice President. I hope this site will be a resource for faculty and students as well as those simply wanting to learn more about Ghana Technology University College.

This is an incredibly unique institution focused on discovery and the attendant expansion and dissemination of technology based knowledge. This technology focus is aimed at making GTUC the best IT based educational institution in the West Africa sub region.

As Vice President and chief academic officer for Ghana Technology University College, my primary responsibility is to provide leadership for matters that affect academic programs, research, and outreach involving faculty, students, and staff. In this capacity, I oversee the quality of programs of instruction and research through collaborative work with deans, departmental chairs, and other staff members, addressing issues such as effective planning, good management, and program reviews.

Additionally, my responsibility includes overseeing academic planning and priorities.

As Vice President, I help ensure the quality of the faculty by administering and monitoring procedures and criteria for faculty appointments, promotions, and working conditions. I am also deeply committed to work to ensure the quality of student learning by overseeing the curriculum and encouraging and coordinating initiatives in undergraduate and graduate education. This commitment involves working with the admissions and other related offices in recruiting students for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Thank you for visiting GTUC. I think you will find, as you peruse our website, that we are truly a technology based institution with a mission.

Robert A. Baffour, Ph.D. Vice President, GTUC