GCTU Holds Exit Seminar For Final Year Students

The students engaged in a lively interaction with the resource persons

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, GCTU, has, in collaboration with Tarragon Edge Limited, organized an exit seminar for final year students on 25th March 2024, at the Florence Onny Auditorium, main campus, Tesano.

The event aimed at equipping the students with essential skills for a smooth transition into the world of work.

Addressing the participants, the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Robert Ebo Hinson, expressed appreciation to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for organizing such an important event. He stressed the significance of preparation and strategic planning in transitioning into the job market. Prof. Hinson charged the students to embark on the process of personal and professional excellence, advocating for diplomacy in their negotiations. Emphasizing the value of gleaning wisdom from seasoned professionals, he encouraged students to utilize what they would acquire judiciously.

Dr. Obuobi advocated entrepreneurship as an alternative career path

The Lead Consultant, Tarragon Edge Ltd, Dr. Genevieve Duncan Obuobi, delivered a presentation on “Entrepreneurship: An Alternative Career Path.” She defined Entrepreneurship, as pursuing or looking for opportunities in areas to provide a service or a new product which the public might need.

Dr. Obuobi noted, that an entrepreneur is someone who is passionate and innovative, who creates new businesses or adds value to an existing one. She highlighted the qualities of a successful entrepreneur, namely, discipline, curiosity, willingness to try, honesty, taking risks and understanding the value of self-care.

The Chief Servant, V5 Solutions Ltd, Dr. Victor Abbey, spoke on the topic, “From School to The Workplace.” He underscored the distinction between possessing certificates and acquiring true education, emphasizing the importance of applying acquired knowledge to problem-solving.

Dr. Abbey emphasized the necessity of readiness and problem-solving abilities in transitioning from academia to professional life, debunking the notion that technical proficiency alone guarantees employment. “If you think your technical know-how will get you a job you must be erroneous because employers are looking for something else,” he said.

Dr. Abbey advocated for students to acquire problem-solving skills even while they are still in school.

He gave the 4 C’s of life, namely, choice, chance, changes, and consciousness, emphasizing that our decisions shape our destiny.

A Legal & Conflict Resolution Consultant, Dr. Nana Amma Adjovu, discussed “Career Success Through Continuous Skills Development.” She indicated that career advancement is the process of improving one’s career to the next level. She added that, continuous learning is essential for personal and professional development and it enables you to stay relevant, adapt to changes, and thrive in your chosen field. Dr. Adjovu elaborated on strategies for identifying and acquiring new skills, namely, researching, networking, setting clear goals and seeking feedback.

The Pro VC, Prof. Hinson (2nd right) with the three resources persons, flanked by the organizers

In a presentation delivered by the Head of Admissions at GCTU, Mr. Kwame Owusu-Ansah Afram, he delved into “Employer Expectations.” He highlighted the importance of applied knowledge, skills, and attitudes in securing employment, emphasizing the demand for critical thinking and innovative problem-solving among employers.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Michael Nana Owusu-Akomeah, said the seminar was carefully put together to prepare the final-year students for the job market. He added, that, life is not all about learning within the four walls of the University, but it is how you give yourself a competitive urge or position yourself.

A group picture of participants and organizers

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Thursday March 28, 2024