1. What Doctoral programmes are being offered at GTUC?

GTUC currently runs 7 Doctoral programmes in collaboration with 3 Institutions. a) CASS, EuropePhD in Healthcare ManagementPhD in Business Administration (targeted at academicians)Doctor of Business Administration (targeted/designed for industrialists) b) Aalborg University, DenmarkPhD in Information Communication Technology (ICT)PhD in Telecommunication Engineering c) Telecom Ecole, FrancePhD in Information Communication Technology (ICT) Management

2. What is the duration of the programmes? Each programme of study is conducted over a period of three (3) years. There is one semesters in a year. Students are expected to complete their coursework within the first year. Some part of the second year is devoted to workshops/seminars. The rest of the second year and the third year is devoted to the doctoral theses The course bit is run on a modular basis mainly on weekends. Some amount of weekday lectures are done (with flying faculty).

3. Will students get the chance to go to collaborating institutions to take up some modules? Currently, with the exception of the Aalborg programmes that requires travel to Denmark all the other programmes are run in Ghana at GTUC by expert faculty and flying faculty using traditional face to face instruction.

4. What are the structures of the programmes?

  • Coursework
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Research Work leading to the PhD Theses

5. Which institution awards the certificate?

Certificates are awarded by each collaborating University.

6. Will l find GTUC written on my certificate after completion?

No. It is purely an international Certificate from the collaborating Institution. However, on the transcript, it will be indicated that you studied at GTUC

7. How do I verify the authenticity of the partnerships between GTUC and the collaborating institutions?

Visit the respective websites of the collaborating institutions?

8. How many admission cycles (intakes) are carried out each year?

Currently, there are two (2) intakes in a year: January and September. Students have the privilege to buy and submit application forms any time within the year. The forms would be processed for the next available intake unless option for intake is expressly indicated in the application form by the applicant.

9. What are the admission requirements?

A good master’s degree in the area or related areas to the programme area you seek to study. You will be required to prove your proficiency in English Language if it were the language of instruction during your previous studies.

10. What is the cost of the programme?

The programme costs £5000 or its equivalent in Ghana cedis for Ghanaians, and £7000 or its equivalent in other currencies or Ghana cedis for International students. The Technical programmes like telecommunications and engineering are however £5500 or its equivalent in Ghana cedis for Ghanaians.

11. What Payment Options exist?

  • Full payment may be made for all three years or on yearly basis.
  • Yearly payment could also be spread as follows: 40% on admission, and then the rest of the fee is paid in two installments in the 4th and 7th months of study.

12. What is the application procedure?

Submit a completed application form with all required attachments either in person, through the post or through any of our campuses to the Accra Campus.

Your completed application form must have the following attachments:

  • Certified true copies of certificates and any other academic records.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs one of which should be affixed to the form.
  • Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose
  • Research proposal of an appropriate standard (10-15 pages maximum; double spacing; see guide on pages 9 &10)
  • Copies of publications or research materials, if any.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 Completed Reference forms with recommendation letters (make a copy of reference form for second referee)
  • A non-refundable application fee of ¢110.00 is required to process an application. The application fee may be paid by money order or banker’s draft.

13. What is the admission procedure?

The admission team reviews all applications. Shortlisted applicants are offered admission. Applicants may be invited for an admission interview, depending on the admission schedule for each intake. Applicants are required to submit all requested documents before applications are reviewed. Incomplete application forms are not processed.

14. Why should I enroll in a programme?

  • The programmes are high profile PhD education with industry and academic relevance
  • Each programme is Three years
  • Highly resourced (internet access, journals, and access to collaborating institutions resource, Supervisors with expert knowledge in wide range of areas (both technical and non-technical etc.)
  • International certificate
  • Is a problem based learning and case study approach which enables students to apply skills acquired
  • Acquire unique skills highly sought after by industry
  • State of the art lecture theatres
  • Students will be able to make a difference wherever they find themselves

Contact For further information, please contact: Graduate Admissions Office GTUC 0302- 917152, 0302-969020, 0302-969030 Mobile: 0202698352, 0202698353, 0202625784 Email: graduateadmissions@gtuc.edu.gh or graduateschool@gtuc.edu.gh