Dr. Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng

Dr. Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng is a professional Telecom Engineer and ICT specialist with a strong background in telecommunications switching systems, cyber- security, digital forensics, business development, change management, knowledge management, strategic IT- enabled business value creation and capability to develop  market- oriented strategies aimed at promoting growth and market share.

He is an executive with 25 years of domestic and global experience conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building operations, leading highly successful new business development initiatives and venture. A consultant with emphasis on Telecommunications infrastructure, Cyber- security, Cloud Computing, digital forensics, Internet, and network integration technologies, with additional experience related to dealing with refurbishing and overstock telecommunications equipment, and manufacturing. Strong presentation, negotiation, and team building skills.

Dr Yeboah-Boateng has been a professional researcher and passionate teacher with about 10 years of higher education professional practice in telecom and computer engineering, plus experience of six years high- school teaching, mentorship and instruction; including over 20 peer-reviewed publications.

Noted for his proactive approach, Dr. Yeboah-Boateng has been involved in the successful organization of development initiatives that have delivered consistent and sustainable operations, revenue, profit, and quality improvement through dedicated efforts and progressive innovation.