Certificate In Web Design

The web design certificate programme prepares students to use internet application and design principles to produce effective web pages. The programme is appropriate for non-technical employees who wish to advance their organization and who want to learn how to establish, develop, and maintain a web site.

Course Objective and overview

1. At the end of the programme, it is expected that students will have covered the following areas:

2. An understanding of concepts, tolls, techniques and methods used in a multimedia environment.

3. Ability to enhance in images and create appealing illustrations for the web.

4. Develop the skill-set to help create engaging and interactive web interfaces by using text, graphics,animations, and video.

5. Design , create and upload interactive websites.

Career Prospects

Web designers are a highly sought-after group of professional. A review of job search websites yields a large number of jobs for qualified web designers. Companies both large and small, from just about every industry, are looking for proficient web designers. Many companies are looking for individuals with experience and some even state that salaries depend on experience. In particular, many employers are looking for experience with web design programming languages, e-commerce and understanding of user experience.