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This is a programme designed to provide customer service executives with the skills needed to ensure excellent customer service delivery with the aim of building and maintaining customer loyalty.


  • To be aware of the value added by giving caring services
  • To identify and demonstrate the basic elements of Customer Service
  • To portray a positive image of their company to customers
  • To identify and understand the characteristics and personality profile of customers
  • To help communicate effectively
  • To develop professional telephone and customer reception skills
  • To introduce participants to the best practices in service delivery
  • To handle challenging customers calmly and confidently


  • Understanding customer Care
  • Customer care skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • Effective communication in a customer centered environment
  • Creating and maintain a good professional image
  • Telephone etiquette and customer reception skills
  • Professional telephone behaviour

Target Audience

This course is targeted at front-line executives, customer service representatives, secretaries and anyone constantly in contact with customers, either face to face or over the phone.