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Hon. Prof Kwesi Yankah visits GTUC

A Group Photograph of Officials Present

Tuesday, 18th February, 2020 saw GTUC have the singular honour of hosting Hon. Professor Kwesi Yankah, the Minister of State In-charge of Tertiary Education. Along with his team, the Hon. Minister visited GTUC to ascertain the feasibility of eLearning or technology-mediated learning in Ghana through an in-depth demonstration of the GTUC’s eLearning Management System (Moodle)

The genesis of GTUC’s involvement in this particular initiative stems from the formation of a 6-member association known as the Association of Educational and Instructional Technologists Ghana (AEITG).

This association is made up of a collection of experts in virtual or eLearning sector, namely, Dr. Ebenezer Malcalm, the Graduate School Dean, Dr. Stephen Asunka, the Head of ITSS (Information Technology Support Services), Mr. Emmanuel Freeman, the Head of COLT (Centre for Online Learning and Teaching), Dr. Josephine Larbi- Apau, the former Head of COLT, as well as Dr. Ben Kwofie from Koforidua Technical University and Rev. Dr. Sampong of Central University.

Professor Kwesi Yankah, the Minister of State In-charge of Tertiary Education


After visiting a number of institutions including the Ministry of Education, the AEITG was fortunate enough to engage with Prof. Yankah, who announced the Government’s intention to promote online  and eLearning education in Ghana. As a result of these discussions, the Honourable Minister decided to visit GTUC with his team, in order to become more accustomed with the concept of eLearning through a hands-on demonstration at GTUC’s COLT.

This demonstration was also attended by Prof. Isaac Abeku Blankson, the Vice-President of GTUC, and Dr. Mrs. Juliana Owusu-Ansah, the University’s Registrar. Currently, GTUC’s Graduate School is implementing a blended learning system, where the various modules are being taught via online and Face to Face mediums.

Prof. Isaac Abeku Blankson (right), the Vice-President of GTUC, and Dr. Mrs. Juliana Owusu-Ansah (middle) together with Dr. Ebenezer Malcalm

Based on the identification of GTUC’s capacity in this particular area,  the  President  of GTUC Professor Emmanuel Afoakwa proposed that  the  Ministry of Education should adopt  GTUC as the training Centre, where  University College’s model be used as an eLearning  model for  training of Faculties and Support staff for Higher Educational System in Ghana.

It is hoped that GTUC’s involvement in this initiative will serve to further propel the reputation of the institution as a leading technology University not only in Ghana, but in the sub-region and Africa as a whole.