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GTUC launches Jiangsu University partnership

Hon. George Andah, the Deputy Minister for Communication, and the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Shi Ting Wang.

The 16th of October 2019 marked a momentous occasion for GTUC as the academic partnership between the University and China’s Jiangsu University was officially launched. The ceremony also served as a send-off for the first five beneficiaries of the PhD scholarship which is a central part of the partnership agreement between the two institutions.

The event was very well attended and was graced by the presence of key dignitaries in the persons of the Honorable George Andah, the Deputy Minister for Communication, and the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Shi Ting Wang.

First of five beneficiaries of the PhD scholarship

In his welcome address, the President of the University, Prof. Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, emphasized the significance of this new partnership, stating; “The Jiangsu partnership is a testament of hard work and a strong sense of zeal, of commitment towards the growth and development of this great university on the international front.”  He went on to communicate his excitement at the prospect of ensuring the development of the faculty members who would benefit from the scholarships, and in addition, the importance of this in terms of preparing the university for the transition to fully-fledged public status.

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Beneficiary of the PhD scholarship

Performing the role of the keynote speaker for the launch, the university was privileged to have in attendance, the Honorable George Andah, who spoke eloquently about the pervasive effects of globalization in the world today, specifically alluding to its significant impact on education in general. According to the Deputy Minister, “the nation’s development only stands to benefit from increased access to education”. He also communicated his belief that the key to accelerating national development in general hinges centrally on the ability to successfully bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional experience. Honorable Andah closed by reminding the candidates of their responsibilities as ambassadors not only for the University but for the nation as a whole. He also thanked the Chinese Government and Jiangsu University for their initiative in establishing the partnership with GTUC, stating that this would go a long way to strengthen the ties between China and Ghana. Finally, the Deputy Minister commended the President and the GTUC management for their efforts in introducing this new initiative, affirming that GTUC’s progress in the field of research and transnational education would raise the bar of what could be achieved at both national and international levels.

Representing the Chinese government, the Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency Shi Ting Wang, spoke of his nation’s commitment to developing a stronger association between China and Ghana. He also made reference to the rapid economic development that his home country had witnessed; emphasizing the fact that Ghana had all the tools to see a similar transformation. He thanked the university for giving him the opportunity to attend the event and stated his hope that this would be start of even greater things to come.

On behalf of the University community, we are highly encouraged by the establishment of this partnership and as the President stated, we are confident that this will mark the beginning of a new era for the University as we edge closer and closer towards public University status.