Current Happening at GCTU


Members of Staff and Faculty of the GTUC Takoradi Campus have gone through a two day team building exercise.
The training sought to equip participants with basic team building skills including; team dynamics, workplace
culture and positive promotion of cordial relationships & cohesiveness among team members using various team
building skills.
The facilitator for the training, Administrative Officer, (Office of Deputy Registrar), Mr. Yaw Okyere explained that,
team building activities provide employees better understanding of everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and
interests. “This understanding helps us work even better together on future projects vital to achieving the University’s
vision” he said.
Mr. Okyere engaged members in several activities that brought staff and faculty of the Takoradi campus together.
The fun and excitement in the team building exercise gave participants the opportunity to see each other in a different
light. It also equipped them to relate to similar situations in the work place as well as connecting with each
Speaking at the event, the Deputy Registrar, GTUC, Ms. Jennifer Akude, said the most powerful reason for team
building is to get results, “through a series of planned team bonding activities that are fun and motivational, teams
can build skills like communication, planning, problem solving and conflict resolution” she added.
Participants at the end of the workshop were well informed about building & maintaining an effective team, how to
differentiate between groups & teams and also learnt skills to access if teams are functioning effectively.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]