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Diploma in Telecom Engineering


Objectives of the Diploma Programme

To provide a sound base in the science of Telecommunication Engineering.

To develop in the students the concept of professional practice, innovation and enterprise.

To make the student aware of technological trends and emerging opportunities.

To lay the foundation necessary for advanced study in Telecommunication Engineering.

To be able to unite theory with practice, be prepared and motivated to engage in lifelong learning, and have a solid foundation in mathematics and science.

To be productive practitioners skilled in applying engineering processes and practices to software components and systems.

To be proficient in oral and written communication, and be effective in team work.

To have the broad education and awareness of contemporary issues necessary to understand the societal and global impact of their profession.

Admission Requirements

  1. WASSCE/SSSCE APPLICANTS: Credits in three (3) SSSCE /WASSCE Core Subjects: (Mathematics, English Language and Integrated Science) plus three (3) credits in the following Elective Subjects: Elective Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry/Applied Electricity/Electronics/Technical Drawing with an aggregate score of 24 or 36 respectively.
  2. ‘A’ LEVEL APPLICANTS: Applicants should be Science students with Five (5) Credits at ‘O’ Level including Mathematics and English Language. They should also have (two) 2 passes at ‘A’ Level in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  3. MATURE APPLICANTS: Applicants must be 25 years at the time of submitting the application. Must have either Five credits at the “O” Level including Mathematics, English Language, Physics and Chemistry OR WASSCE/SSSCE credits in three (3) Core Subjects (Mathematics, English Language and Integrated Science), plus credits in three (3) Elective Subjects (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry).
  4. INTERNATIONAL BACCALAURETTE: Applicants must have science background (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) They must obtain a distinction, credit or pass as decided by the jury. They should also be proficient in English. This is checked through written exams, verbal interview and certification from a recognized language institution.
  5. AMERICAN GRADE 12: Holders must have science background. They should have good grades in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry etc. This must be evaluated with the actual results on transcript for the programme.
  6. CITY & GUILDS :Holders must have Technician Diploma in Electrical Electronic Engineering or in relevant Engineering Programme.
  7. HND FROM POLYTECHNIC: Holders of Higher National Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering with 1st Class, 2nd Upper or 2nd Lower grades. They must also satisfy the basic entry requirement into University. They should also satisfy the basic entry requirements into University.
  8. TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION: Advanced Technician Diploma in Electrical Electronic Engineering or Telecom Systems