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The programme has been designed with the needs of procurement practitioners currently working in the public sector in mind and aims to equip participants with current knowledge and skills in procurement. It is intended to enable participants to analyze procurement problems and design and implement strategies to resolve them.


Participants will be:

  • Equipped with the ability to apply procurement and management skills at the workplace, and equip them with an understanding of the key concepts, principles and practices in procurement.
  • Able to gain comprehensive introduction to the themes and processes central to the efficient operation of a procurement systems
  • Equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in procurement
  • Able to identify the role and purpose of the Public Procurement Act 663 of 2003, and competently use the terminology associated with the implementation of the Act.
  • Able to progress to attain the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) professional status

Course Content

  • Procurement Principles and Practices
  • Public Procurement Policy in Ghana
  • Inventory Management and Logistics
  • Management and Professional Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Approach to project and Cases

Target Audience

Holders of other academic/professional qualification other than procurement and working in the public/private sector looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge as well as obtain qualification in procurement and those looking to further their careers by pursing higher qualifications of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing &Supply, United Kingdom as well as anyone who wishes to acquire knowledge in procurement.