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Procurement procedures at a glance

To ensure that the objectives of all units are met with the assistance of the procurement unit, all units are to follow these abridged processes when requesting for items from the procurement

When the item(s) are not in stock

The unit (head) needs to verify from the stores or procurement unit

The unit head requesting the item(s) needs to fill out the triplicate purchase request book and submit same to the procurement head.

Approval will be sought either from the President, Vice President or Registrar depending on the value of the item. These requests are to be submitted on Mondays.

  • These requests should be as detailed as possible, stating any needed specifications but not brand names or manufacturers.

The procurement unit will source for quotes and procure the items, ideally in a space of fourteen (14) working days or less if allowed by the procurement law / act.

  • In the case where by a tender is needed to procure the item(s), a tender will be established based on the item requested, a tender be floated and a decision made in line with guidelines of the national procurement act.

After the items have been supplied the procurement unit will notify the user unit who will be required to fill out a combined requisition voucher also known as C. R. I. V. to collect the items from the stores

  • All CRIVs’ will have to be signed by the Head of Unit.

When the item(s) are in stock

  1. The unit requesting the items will simply fill out a CRIV with the item(s) needed listed and submit to the stores for the items to be released to them.
  2. All CRIVs’ are to be signed and units collecting item(s) from the stores have the responsibility to check items collected for accuracy. The stores (officers) will not be held responsible for any shortages or excesses found in items that are issued to staff, should the staff fail to check the item(s).

In all cases, all staff is welcome to provide feedback on the goods or services that are procured. These feedbacks will aid the learning curve and help in providing a better service to the units / university as a whole.