Current Happening at GCTU



  1. Creates and aligns HR goals and strategies with University vision, mission and strategic goals.
  2. Partner with Management, managers and staff for effective and efficient Human Capital Management through the strategic administration of the human resources functions.
  3. Coordinate the development and administration of Human Resources Policies and procedures
  4. Serves as HR generalists and business partners for client groups in University administration
  5. Proactively recommends innovative solutions and leads initiatives that enhance organizational effectiveness and contribute to the achievement of GTUC’s vision and mission
  6. Influences and advises assigned senior clients on people and related matters, and acts as a trusted advisor on sensitive and/or critical issues
  7. Contributes to strategy and plan development by supporting University leaders to identify, prioritize, and build organizational culture, capabilities, behaviors, structures, and processes
  8. Ensures high quality delivery of fundamental HR services through meaningful Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that provides metrics, reports, dashboards, and continuous process improvement, and is a highly ethical, visible member of client and HR leadership teams



  1. Designs and distributes specific internal communications that inform stakeholders and enhance behaviors and decision-making through accessible, reliable, and actionable information
  2. Develops and expresses external communications that reflect and position a world-class workplace in global higher education and attract premier educators and professionals
  3. Counsels and supports peer functional areas’ communications needs, both new and recurring, in terms of goal attainment, feasibility, timeline, messaging, and outcomes
  4. Considers and builds communications tools and web content that improve perception and performance and limit gaps and redundancies
  5. Conducts ongoing analyses of institutional communications in concert with University Relations



The Office of Human Resources educates and coaches employees, administrators, managers, and supervisors on a variety of workforce relations practices among a diverse population of the University community.

The Office of Human Resources serves the University community by promoting mutual respect, encouraging a positive work environment, and assisting in resolving workplace issues through proactive intervention. The Office of Human Resources provides information and support based on University policy and practice, and assists individuals when considering the best course of action for their specific situation.



  1. Conflict Resolution – Assist in resolving problems and conflicts before they escalate to formal grievances or corrective action.
  2. Corrective Action Administration – Serve as objective consultants to divisions regarding the elements of just cause and due process in determining potential corrective action.
  3. Employment Practices – Provide guidance on key employment practices to ensure a healthy work environment and reduce likelihood of grievances or litigation.
  4. Grievance/Appeals – Serve as objective hearing officers in matters involving employee grievances and represent management in appeals before various tribunals.
  5. Investigations – Assist departments in conducting objective and thorough investigations. Team members conduct objective and thorough investigations of employee complaints and grievances.
  6. Labour Relations – Administer and provide guidance to the university related to labour union activities.
  7. Layoffs and Non-Renewals – Provide guidance to HOD’s and Supervisors regarding the University policies and practices surrounding layoffs and non-renewals.
  8. Leave – Provide guidance to the university regarding compliance with applicable leave policies including sick leave, compassionate leave, leave without pay and other university and national leave laws.
  9. Performance Management – Assist HOD’s and supervisors in establishing performance expectations and accountability to ensure productive employees and work environments.
  10. Policy Interpretation – Provide guidance on and development of university policies and procedures.



The University College intends to attract and retain qualified employees by maintaining a compensation system that is externally competitive and internally consistent or equitable.

Office of Human Resource is responsible for coordinating the developing, managing and communicating the guidelines, structure and overall competition and equity of the compensation program within the University’s fiscal means or constraints.

The Office of Human Resources provides information and education on employee benefit packages to the GTUC community. In addition, the office of Human Resources analyses all benefit applications to determine eligibility and verifies that premiums are deducted appropriately. Individual benefit counseling and group sessions cover all benefit aspects for new hires, life events, career changes and retirement. Benefit workshops are provided for departments and Faculty.



  1. Human Resource Planning
  2. Recruitment and Selection
  3. Performance Management
  4. Compensation and Benefits
  5. Training and Development
  6. Employee and Labour Relations
  7. Workplace Safety and Risk Management
  8. Employee Wellbeing Management
  9. HR Policies and Forms
  10. Human Resource Communications
  11. Human Resource Information Systems(HRIS)
  12. Workplace Culture Management and Employee Branding