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Administrative Senior Members Association (ASMAG) Executives Sworn-in

Elected ASMAG Executives taking the oath of office: from left: Opoku Sarkodie Nimoh, Vice Chair, Esi Fatu Sessay, Secretary, Jahan Nusrat Abubakar, Chair, Mark Nketiah, Organizer, Magdalene Lamptey, Welfare

Wednesday, 28th August, 2019 saw the official swearing-in of the ASMAG (Administrative Senior Members Association of GTUC) Executive body. After the culmination of a keenly contested campaign and an impeccably organized electoral process that was expertly coordinated by a dedicated Electoral team, the crowning ceremony was held in the Florence Onny Auditorium at the Tesano Campus. In attendance at the swearing-in ceremony were members of management, including the Ag. President, Prof. Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, the Vice-President, Prof. Isaac Abeku Blankson, and the Registrar, Dr. Mrs. Juliana Owusu-Ansah.

ASMAG Manifesto Reading

Speaking to the newly elected executives, the Ag. President, Prof. Afoakwa, congratulated them, and emphasized the importance of the association’s need to unite and contribute significantly to the core vision of the University at large. He also stressed the importance of ASMAG’s role in the University and concluded his address by imploring the association’s members to represent the University in a positive light and maintain a spirit of cordiality and a ability between themselves and the rest of the University community.

In a group photograph with the ASMAG Electoral Team

In an address to the gathering, Mrs. Vera Graham Asante spoke in her capacity as a former ASMAG Chairperson, and made reference to the critical nature of the complementary role that administrators play in a University, citing their importance in ensuring that the University functions as it should. The association members were also fortunate enough to hear from both the Registrar and the Vice-President, who took their time to inform members of their responsibilities as Senior administrative officers and also the need to work in a collaborative capacity with Faculty in particular.

The newly elected ASMAG Chairperson, Ms. Nusrat-Jahan Abubakar, spoke passionately to those in attendance, thanking the Association for putting it’s faith in her and pledging to stand by the objectives and plans she laid out during the course of her campaign. In particular, the Chair reiterated the importance of collaboration both within the association and with management and the University as a whole.

On behalf of the University community, we extend our congratulations to the newly elected executive body and wish them all the best throughout their term of office.