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Web Animation

Courses Description

This course covers animation techniques used in the creation of web pages. It is a course for the beginner(Level A) who is interested in using the computer for 3D graphic (drawing) and animating capabilities. It is intended for students with a background, talent and interest in Art, Photography, Drafting and/or Animations. This computer animation course concentrates on 3D Studio Max. plus other video editing and graphic software programmes. Special effects like explosions, melting, bouncing, fireworks, architectural walk-through and morphing may be explored as well.

Course Objectives

  • After completion of this course, the student will:
  • Be able to author interactive flash application and websites;
  • Be able to assess the conceptualize how to properly structure a flash project
  • Be familiar with some of the current industry practices

Career Prospects

Animation professionals can work for education programmes, movies , televisions shows, news channels and advertisements. Some animators can also work individually, providing specific graphic animation for websites or other projects. In the new world of computer games, graphic animators are used to develop characters, backgrounds and story lines in various games. Other areas of interest can be real estate firms, furniture designing, AutoCAD designs, creating virtual environments for fighter pilots, and medical training especially for surgeons. One can also work as freelancer or set-up his or her own firm.