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Video Camera Operation

The course explores the basic concepts of video camera operation with special emphasis on the practical aspects of video production. In This intensive training programme the participants will learn some essential theories and basic concepts of video shooting. In a more generalized structure, the course will examine the basic aesthetic tools and approaches to video camera operation and provide participants the necessary skills to develop their capacities through the programme.


  • To provide an understanding of the basic concepts of video camera operation.
  • To provide an aesthetic and theoretical grounding for such important issues on the programme such as the ethics of visual representation and visual appreciation within the facets of human reality
  • To provide a system for placing one’s ideas and work within the contexts of culture and art.
  • To emphasize the dynamic interplay between reality , experience and representation

Career Prospects

A video camera operator work with digital, electronic and film cameras in multi and single-camera operational conditions, producing pictures for directors by combining the use of complex technology with creative visual skills. Most Video camera operators are employed in the entertainment field to use motion picture camera to film movies , television programmes, and commercials. Those who film motion pictures, also know as cinematographers, specialize in filming cartoons or special effects.