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Multimedia Development

Course Description

This course provides participants with skills that will enable them to explore the over-changing resources available through the internet such as web 2.0 technologies, Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts which allows for creativity and collaboration amongst users.


  • To provide the education and resources necessary to crate various media , and internet applications
  • The course is designed to ensure that students possess a broad range of computing knowledge and skills.
  • To provide students with a range of techniques that will be invaluable to those intending to follow a technical, managerial or organizational role within the filed of Information Systems.

Career Prospects

Multimedia developers may work for a wide range of organizations, including the IT industry, media and publishing companies , web design and animation studios, educational institutions and advertising agencies. Some multimedia developers become self-employed , working on a contract or consultancy basis and building up their own client base. Multimedia development is a dynamic growth industry that has developed out of a blending of creative production , arts and innovative technical presentation techniques provided by a range of IT platforms