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Graphic Design Production

Course Description

Provides an opportunity to combine several draw and paint applications into one design and layout class. Students will explore advanced techniques in creating and designing computer art.

Course Objectives

Students are expected to develop the ability to:

  • Create sophisticated, appropriate colour palettes and use colour and contrast effectively in their work.
  • Create drawing in traditional media that show a command of proportion, perspective and value contrast.
  • Prepare images for professional publication with Photoshop retouching, correction, compositing, or collage.
  • Create engaging and readable layout designs that attract the eye using fundamental design and composition techniques.
  • Create, stylized logos, icons and illustrations in illustrator
  • Manipulate framing, perspective , distance and lighting to take professional level digital photographs in a range of settings.
  • Develop competence in various print design genres including poster design, logo/branding design, magazine layouts , cover design, and packaging.

Career Prospects

Programme graduates are prepared for entry-level graphic design positions in advertising, print production,publishing and computer graphics. Potential employers for graphic design programme graduates include specialized design firms , advertising firms, printers, publishers (newspapers, magazine, book) , computer system design firms, and motion picture production firms.