Current Happening at GCTU


The Human Resource Unit in collaboration with the Ghana Health Services has organised a workshop for faculty and Staff of the University.

The workshop which centred on Ebola; its transmission, prevention and control have been necessitated by the recent outbreak of the pandemic.

The Florence Onny Auditorium which was almost full to its capacity confirmed the importance of the subject and the need for all to get information to ensure our safety and wellbeing.

Speaking at the function, Dr. Stephen Ayisi Addo, a Public Health Consultant working at the Ghana Health Service gave detailed information on Ebola; its transmission, prevention and control.

He explained the various steps taken by the Ministry of Health through the Ghana Health Service to prevent cases in Ghana including health checks at various ports of entry.

He mentioned that since everybody is at risk, personal hygiene practices should be strictly adhered to and unusual symptoms as discussed should be reported to the nearest health facility.

He emphasized the need for regular washing of hands and use of sanitizers for an appreciable level safety. He appealed to management to ensure that all washrooms are stocked with item that could aid or facilitate personal hygiene practices.

Faculty and Staff who attended the workshop were given the opportunity to ask questions and all concerns were addressed.

In his closing remarks, the Registrar, GTUC, Prof. Patrick Bobbie thanked Dr. Stephen Ayisi Addo for coming to share information with staff and assured staff of Managements’ commitment to their welfare and safety.