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Ans.GTUC Admission Policy is to admit students on the basis of satisfaction of admission requirements and on demonstrated capacity to succeed in their chosen program GTUC has a rolling (open) Admissions System. This means that our admission forms are available all year round. There are presently there (3) enrollments sessions in a year:

  • January- for Degree, Top-Up Degree and Diploma Programmes.
  • (March- for Certificate programs)
  • September – for Degree, Top-Up Degree and Diploma and Certificate Programmes

Ans.The Admission Office would make a telephone call or send emails to all applicants who gain admission. This information would also be available on the university website.

Ans.The following are the deadlines for submission of applications (in months):

  • January intake is submitted by October,
  • March intake is submitted by January,
  • September intake is submitted by May,and
  • May intake is submitted by March.

The specific dates for application deadlines for each intake are advertised in the newspapers and on our website at http:/

General Admission Requirements:

The following categories of students are considered for admission:

  • (A) Holders of SSSCE/WASSCE with credit passes in Core English, core Mathematics, Integrated Science and three (3) elective subjects relevant to the chosen program with aggregate 24 or better. Foreign applicants with WASSCE should include a scratch card which could be used to verify their results
  • (B) O- LEVEL/A- LEVEL holders with credits in at least five (5) subjects at the GCE “O” Level (or its equivalent) including English and Mathematics, plus at least two (2) passes in the relevant subjects at the advanced level obtained not more than three (3) years ago
  • (C) Mature applicants
    1. O- Level/A-Level applicants who have attained the age of 25 years or above at the time of applying and have credits in five (5) GCE ‘O’ Level subjects including English Language and Mathematics, in addition to passing an Entrance Examination or Interview
    2. SSSCE/WASSCE who have credits in three (3) core subjects including English, Mathematics, Integrated Science plus three (3) electives relevant to the chosen program
  • (D) International Baccalaureate (IB) / Diploma
  • (E) Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE) holders in with passes in three (3) compulsory plus three (3) optional subjects relevant to the programme of study
  • (F) Applicants with Stage 1 of ACCA, ICA, Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) with credits at GBCE or GCE ‘O’ Level including English language and Mathematics
  • (G) American grade 12 (h) Foreign Applicants and all others who have any of the above qualifications or their equivalent from an accredited/recognized institution.
  • (I) City & Guilds Technician Diploma/Advanced Diploma in relevant area of study.

GTUC has four (4) undergraduate admission levels namely:

  • 4-yr Degree
  • 3-yr Degree
  • 2½-yr Top Up Degree
  • 2-yr Top Up Degree
  • 2- yr Diploma
  • 6 month Certificate

Ans. Yes. There are top-up programmes in Accounting, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Banking & Finance

Ans. You cannot use a GTUC Certificate to apply to the Faculty of I.T Business. However, you can use a Diploma from GTUC to study Business Administration but you would be given a 4 –year Degree program.


Yes. The under – listed are the requirements for mature applicants:

  1. Be at least 25 years,
  2. At least three (3) years work experience,
  3. Have a relevant professional or work experience, or
  4. Have authored some work in a relevant field Also the applicant must have one of the following:
  5. have a minimum of credits in three (3) core subject i.e. English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science plus credits in any three elective subject that are relevant to faculty requirements.
  6. Must have credits in 5 O’Level subjects including English Language, and Mathematics .
  7. Certificate “A” from a Training College.

In addition, mature students must go through a compulsory mature access course for a period of at least 2 months. The applicant must also pass a competitive Mature Candidates Entrance Examination in order to gain admission.

The examination comprises:

  1. Papers in Mathematics and English Language.
  2. Papers in physics for candidates applying for programmes in Telecommunication/ Computer Engineering.
  3. Applicants to other faculties must write papers that are specific to the requirements of the faculties.

Please visit our website at for more information on our admission requirements.

Ans. Yes. Applicants who submit their applications ahead of the deadline may be given admission (depending on the results) and notified of their admission on our website and on telephone before bulk admissions are done.

Ans. Yes. You could arrange to meet the admission counselors on any admission related issues.

Ans. Yes. GTUC has an outfit called the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) where students obtain loan facilities. This is applicable only to Ghanaian students. The University has also set up the Florence Onny Scholarship Fund for which only continuing students are eligible

Ans. Yes. GTUC has limited hostel facilities on campus. There are also private off-campus hostels very close to the University which can be arranged on behalf of students.

Ans. Yes. GTUC has institutional and programme accreditation by the National Accreditation Board, Ghana.

Ans. Deferment is accepting the offer of a place in the program but deferring enrolment for a specified period, normally one academic year (two semesters) An applicant who wishes to defer admission must write a letter to the Registrar to that effect. Fees must however be paid to the University before deferment.

GTUC is bound to hold an offer for an applicant who pays the full cost of the fees for the year in session, and who also takes part in matriculation. The University notifies all persons who have an approved deferment of admission.

In order to enroll at the end of the period of deferment, the applicant must notify the Registrar of the University of his/her intention to take up the deferred offer by the date specified on the University’s correspondence. If no response is received by the due date, the offer of a deferred place will lapse.

Applicants are not entitled to hold a deferred place and apply for other programs. If an applicant holding a deferred offer wishes to apply for other programs, their deferred place automatically lapses.

Ans.You would go through a re-admission process. You may be given another admission based on the current admission schedule agreed on by the Admission Committee.

Ans.It is mandatory for international students to apply for a resident permit upon their arrival in Ghana. You may be required to pay a fee (vary from country to country), complete a copy of the Ghana Immigration Resident Application Form (copies available at GTUC Student Affairs Unit or International Relations Offices) as well as provide two recent passport size photographs, a letter of admission from GTUC, School Fees payment receipt and your personal passport valid for at least 6 months for the application. Contact the Student Affairs Office and International Relations Office of the University for the necessary assistance.

Ans.Yes. GTUC is affiliated to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology