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About Our Language Centre

 About US

The Language Centre is committed to offering a wide range of quality language courses for our students in excellent learning environments. As a technology based institution, we provide innovative research based language courses that enhance language and communication skills among individuals. Activities at the language centre are informed by relevant research in second language acquisition and educational technology. We provide expert tuition and outstanding student services. We provide quality English, French and Spanish language courses to students, staff, corporate bodies, institutions and the general public.

We collaborate in and support initiatives within and outside the University to develop and encourage language learning as an essential element in University education and a key skill for lifelong learning Our programmes are tailor made to suit the needs of individuals or groups who want to acquire and enhance their skills in other languages. Our curriculum is designed in line with the latest language acquisition research and teaching methods.

The Centre uses diverse learning approaches which makes learning much enjoyable, successful, and gives a satisfying experience. Our experienced tutors have the skill to assist you nurture your innate gift in the acquisition of languages that equip you with the best communication skills

Students who learn English as a second language have the opportunity to enroll onto our certificate, diploma as well as degree programmes in the shortest possible time.



Our mission is to provide quality language instructions to all individuals who want to enhance their communication skills for academic or professional pursuits.



Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in second language acquisition to be able to respond to the language needs of students, staff, organizations and the general public. To be able to do this, we desire to

  • Support students whose first language is not English to achieve their aims academically.
  • Develop the latest technologies and pedagogies in language teaching and learning
  • Provide custom made professional advisory as well as translation services to support individuals and group language learners.
  • Provide quality audio visual learning resources in various languages for our students.
  • Collaborate and share knowledge with other language learning providers in other organizations and in the sub region.
  • Provide state of the art examination centre for international language examinations such TOEFL, IELTS, etc.