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Certificate In Computer Networking(CCN)


Course Description

Networking is the method by which two or more computing devices are linked together for the purposes of sharing data. Networks are developed by mixing computer hardware and software. Networking can help you re-organize the office share music files and printers. The networking course will provide tips and give a comprehensive understanding of the tools and techniques required to set-up a network.

Course Objectives

  • Participants would be exposed to network concepts; the theoretical structure of a network stack – Commonly known as the OSI Model – to real networking; packet information.
  • LANS, WANS and routing protocols; TCP/IP/ Addressing; Computer security and lots more.
  • The Computer and Network Security course is offered for the individual just beginning to explore computer security.
  • This course is designed to teach participants with little or no security experience important concepts and technologies that every internet user should know.
  • In this class, students will learn about many different threats, antivirus programmes, firewalls, anti spyware, identify theft, Phishing, how to create strong passwords and more.
  • This course will raise your awareness and give students the basic skills needed to protect PCs form various threats.

Career Prospects

As a result of the growth of networks and their vulnerability to external threats, organizations that use Integrated network Security Solutions rely on properly trained professionals with network security certification to maintain and protect the integrity of their networks.