Current Happening at GCTU

Nick Wright of Coventry University makes generous book donation to GTUC Graduate School Library.

During a recent official visit to the University, Dr. Nick Wright, a Link Tutor with Coventry University, presented GTUC with 38 assorted books to our Graduate School Library. The books, which are all on the recommended reading list for Coventry University students, were selected and brought to Ghana by Dr. Wright after having being returned by Coventry, UK students after the completion of their various programmes.

Dr. Wright, a Logistics, Economics and IT specialist with over 30 years of industry experience, currently serves as the Coventry Link tutor for the Graduate School’s Engineering programmes and has worked with GTUC for the last 5 years. Upon presenting the books, he reiterated his passion for passing on knowledge and mentioned that it was a privilege to provide students with resources which would aid them in the learning process.

On behalf of the University community we communicate our sincerest appreciation for the kind gesture and we commend his effort in making this contribution possible.

Dr. Nick Wright can be contacted on Twitter @covunilogistics

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Tuesday July 30, 2019