Current Happening at GCTU



Welcome to the procurement unit website of Ghana Technology University (GTUC). The Procurement unit values our customers (both internal and external), our suppliers and contractors and wants to make your working relationship with the Unit as enjoyable as possible.

This information has been prepared to help you better understand how to do business with the Unit.

Departmental Mission

To provide strong leadership in the purchasing and procurement processes through knowledge, teamwork and communication with the aim of enhancing efficiencies and cost savings for our clients (both internal and external), as well as ensuring transparency and fairness.

Departmental Vision

To provide outstanding procurement related customer service to the University community and suppliers of the University, by demonstrating excellence, fairness and integrity in all aspects of our work.

Departmental Core Values

Staff member of the Procurement Department will endeavor to strictly adhere to the following core values

  • Professionalism in manner procurement duties are carried out
  • Integrity in dealing with customers (both internal and external), suppliers and the general public;
  • Transparency and accountability in all procurement and related activities;
  • Promotion of confidence in the procurement process through the establishment of transparency, equity and accountability in all processes
  • Promotion of and aiding the establishment of fair competition in procurement process.