Current Happening at GCTU

GTUC Holds Freshmen Orientation

Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) has held an orientation programme for fresh students admitted for the January intake for the 2014/ 2015 academic year into its undergraduate and diploma programmes.

The event officially welcomes new students to GTUC and also serves as a general orientation exercise to expose them to the mode of operation and other related activities on campus.

The orientation programme enables fresh students to become comfortable in their new learning environment. It also exposes them to the University’s mission, vision and values.

Students are made to understand the organizational structure of the University College and the channel through which they could have their grievances addressed.

This year’s orientation was held at the Great Hall and recorded high patronage of over 350 fresh students who have been admitted into the University College to pursue degree and diploma programmes in Engineering, IT Business and Informatics. The code of ethics, rules and regulations of the University were disclosed to the new students.

The Vice President of GTUC, Dr. Robert Awuah Baffour welcomed the freshmen and introduced Faculty and Unit Heads who were present at the meeting.

Heads of Units took freshmen through functions and services offered by their respective Units.

There was a feedback session after the presentations which gave the students the opportunity to ask questions on what they heard.

In his closing remarks, the Vice President of GTUC, Dr. Awuah Baffour advised the students to concentrate on their books and make their parents who are investing in them proud. He further added that, they should see themselves as a generation of change and contribute meaningfully to the development of Ghana.

The freshmen embarked on a tour to various facilities on campus to acquaint themselves with their new environment. Facilities toured include the Central Administration Block, the Centre Infirmary, the Library, the Graduate School, Cafeteria and the Bush Canteen.

We say akwaaba to our freshmen and women.