Current Happening at GCTU


It is estimated that the university community consumes about 300,000litres of water per month at an average cost of GH¢ 920.00 per month. With the current increases in utility tariffs, some concerns have been raised on the need to have an alternative source of water that is reliable and safe for domestic use.

It is against this backdrop that the collection of rain water for storage and distribution within the University community has been identified as a viable option regarding the supply of water on campus. Rainfall patterns have shown that several litres of rain water go waste especially during rainy seasons.

To this end, GTUC is embarking on a water project which will be an alternative source of water supply for the community. The project which is estimated to cost about GH¢ 37,678.50 will harvest sufficient water to significantly reduce the amount of water consumed from the main Ghana Water Company distribution channel and further reduce bills paid to Ghana Water Company per month.

Speaking in an interview, Head of Property, Mrs. Susan Aryee, said the project is dubbed “Rain Water Harvesting Initiative, 2014” and is expected to collect about 137,120.00 litres (35,651.20gallons) of water. The dimensions are 6.705 x 6.705x 3.05 = 137,120sq/m (22ft x 22ft x 10ft).

The project is being supervised by the GTUC Project Office. Rain water that is collected into the reservoir will be the main of source of water to flush toilets in a majority of washrooms. This will also reduce the stress of requesting for water tanker services for the university community when the taps are not flowing.