Current Happening at GCTU


The Alumni Relations Desk of the Institutional Advancement Office has reached out to hundred (100) GTUC graduates to serve as Alumni Brand Ambassadors through the GTUC Alumni Association.

The Brand Ambassador is a person who represents the GTUC Alumni brand to targeted audiences in order to:

  •  increase awareness
  •  create a specific image
  •  generate funds opportunities
  •  build customer preference

Together with the Alumni Office, the brand ambassadors will help the GTUC Alumni Association with projects and programmes to heighten interest and involvement to help the association grow and also contribute to the growth and direction of the University.

The interim leaders of the Alumni Association are Mr. Mark Amoamah (Acting President), King David Boison (Acting Vice President) and Estelle Asare (Acting Secretary). The leaders will work with the Alumni Office and the ambassadors to help achieve set objectives.

Visit the Alumni page on the GTUC website for details on the Alumni Brand Ambassadors and always remember that;

GTUC Education has made you, YOU. It has given you the letter;
“Y”: your sense of pride and self esteem,
“O”: for Ownership and leadership amongst all of humanity and
“U”: for Undue acceptance to be the man or woman that you are destined to be at birth. GTUC has simply made you, Y—O—U.

Anytime you think of GTUC, please remember fondly that the U in there stands for
Y—O—U; it stands for ONLY Y—O—U; it also stands for ALL Of Y—O—U.