Current Happening at GCTU

GTUC QPAU Regional Tour

As part of its core objectives for this year, the Quality Promotion and Assurance Unit (QPAU) is scheduled to visit all GTUC Satellite Campuses. It is in this vein, that the QPAU has undertaken a two – day visit to the Koforidua Campus in the Eastern Region.
The visit among others is to organise sessions to stimulate both teaching and non-teaching staff on the need to ensure and incorporate the assurance of quality standards in their respective roles.

The day started with a formal session which brought together all staff and Faculty members. The session was characterized by a one-on-one interaction with the various administrative staff; Academic Support/Exams & Records, CTET/IMPC Counselor, Account Officer, Head of Security, Front desk /Administrative Assistant, Cleaner and the Registrar. Separate sessions were arranged to interact with some students and their comments were noted. The interactions were facilitated by Ms. Yaa Essah Ackor, Coordinator for the QPAU.

The visit was also to conduct an evaluation of the current state of operations at the Koforidua Campus, with emphasis on Quality Assurance measures and administrative processes at the campus. All staff were interviewed and their responses noted. The assessment was based on responses to questions on policies/ procedures documentation, evidence of a formal Unit structure, chain of command, process flow structure and handling students’ grievances and complaints.
The QPAU is grateful to the Management for promoting and supporting the ‘Quality Agenda’ within the University. The Unit visited Kumasi Campus in January.
2014 and is scheduled to visit the Takoradi and Ho Campuses later this year.