Current Happening at GCTU



Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) has held its 9th Prestigious Lecture for students and members of the general public. Theunique event is a monthly feature organized to create an opportunity for students and Faculty to interact and share experiences with professionals and giants of industry and corporate Ghana.

The lecture was delivered by the Chief Executive Officer of KAMA Group Limited, Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo. He spoke on the theme: “Entrepreneurship in the 21st century revolution”. With several years of experience as a practicing Pharmacist, Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo, an entrepreneur par excellence took participants through a two-hour presentation.

In his presentation, Dr. Addo told a fully packed audience at the Florence Onny Auditorium, that the youth needed to engage the “right side of the brain” which is endowed with innovation and creativity to explore and exploit opportunities around them.

He further stated that, there is “no short cut for money or sakawa” but what one needed to do was to understand how systems worked and take advantage of situations, adding that “in every negative situation there are numerous opportunities associated with it.”

“Though from a poor home and raised by a single parent with many siblings, I vowed never to visit poverty again in my life…I faced challenges and disappointments in the hands of several individuals including lecturers when a student at KNUST, but I never gave up,” he said confidently.

He encouraged participants to be disciplined and cultivate winning attitudes which are the hallmark for success. Dr. Addo also advised lecturers and teachers “to love their students and not to victimize them because they cannot suppress the destiny of anybody in life.”

He emphasized that, the 21st century has its own revolution, such as e-commerce, e-policing, e-banking, e-learning, among others, that calls for new methods of doing things which the youth and the nation ought to discover.

Dr. Agyekum Addo however, expressed regret that while many nations had gone past the industrial revolution era, Ghana is still marching along and stucked in it. “Ghana once produced batteries, sugar, radio sets and operated its own rail lines as well as a shipping line” but today all these industries have collapsed.

He blamed the situation partly on successive governments and university dons for training graduates without entrepreneurial brains or creativity and offering “University certificates of unemployment” to products who are virtually nonperforming on their jobs, because they cannot imagine, create, use talents and apply innovation.

He called for a paradigm shift in the mindset of Ghanaians by accepting the new revolution as well as to avoid doubt and fear which are inimical to creativity and innovations.

Dr. Francis Agyenim Boating, Dean of GTUC Graduate School who chaired the function, thanked Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo for coming to speak on the subject. He said that, the paradox of Ghana’s high unemployment rate in the light of numerous opportunities around could only be resolved through innovation and creativity.

He urged University authorities to harness the creative minds of students through creation of special platforms like the technology hubs, changing the curricular to reflect the needs of the 21st century and establishing relevant training institutions to facilitate students’ innovations.